One Powerpuff Girls Villain Betrayed Bubbles in the Most Heartbreaking Way

A well-known villain from the Powerpuff Girls actually befriended Bubbles in the comics before betraying her in the saddest way imaginable. This development mirrors a moment from the original TV show when Big Billy from the Gangreen Gang temporarily allies himself with Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, but the episode doesn’t come close to what the comics achieved.

In the episode “Slave The Day,” Big Billy feels obligated to befriend the Powerpuff Girls when they save him from an oncoming subway train during an act of vandalism gone wrong. Of course, when Big Billy helps them fight crime, his efforts cause more problems than anything else, causing the trio of heroes to eventually kick him out of their group. Angry and hurt, Big Billy enlists the aide of the Powerpuff Girls’ villains from the Gangreen Gang to trick the three sisters into saving him once more, so he can trap them.


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Big Billy’s eventual betrayal mirrors what Fuzzy Lumpkins does to Bubbles in IDW Publishing’s The Powerpuff Girls series by story writer and artist Troy Little, colorist Jeremy Colwell, and letterers Neil Uyetake and Troy Little. To prove the point to the Powerpuff Girls that no one deserves second chances, the malicious Him causes the villains of Townsville to become nice and heroic with the intent of reverting them to their villainous ways once Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have fully trusted them. By issue #4, Bubbles forms a close attachment with Fuzzy, going on picnics and drawing cute pictures together. But all of that changes once Him enacts his devious plot. While on a picnic, Him’s spell on Fuzzy breaks, causing him to yell at some ants that have wondered onto his and Bubbles’ picnic blanket to get off his property. He then later turns his tirade on Bubbles, which causes her to fly off sobbing.

Fuzzy Lumpkins Broke Bubbles’ Heart in a Way Big Billy Never Could

The major difference between both events is that the temporarily reformed villain from the comics (Fuzzy) shares a special connection with one of the Powerpuff Girls specifically when his TV counterpart (Big Billy) just befriends all three sisters without choosing a favorite. Fuzzy’s friendship is therefore much more intimate and heartwarming because he chooses Bubbles. Meanwhile, Big Billy just wants to be nice to all the Powerpuff Girls for saving him. This difference is what makes Fuzzy’s betrayal much more devastating. Of course, this isn’t to say that Big Billy doesn’t have a special bond with Bubbles. In fact, there’s an adorable scene where he brushes Bubbles’ hair by holding her upside-down over a brush that he keeps stationary while moving her from side to side over it. Bubbles’ giggling is what makes the scene so cute. However, Bubbles isn’t heartbroken when Big Billy betrays them. In fact, she beats him up along with her sisters even after Big Billy realizes what he’s done is wrong and saves them from the trap that he himself set for them. That said, Bubbles isn’t as harsh as Blossom and Buttercup are to Big Billy when they first kick him out of the Powerpuff Girls for being more destructive than helpful. She is also much more willing to save him when they mistakenly believe he is in danger when he’s in fact tricking them.

Regardless, none of this compares to the friendship Bubbles forms with Fuzzy in the comics, especially since she tries to remain friends with him after he reverts to his old ways. What’s truly heartbreaking, however, is how the comics leave their relationship. IDW ended up rebooting the comics entirely to reflect the new 2016 TV series and never concluded a rather emotional cliffhanger. At the end of Powerpuff Girls #5, Bubbles asks Fuzzy if they can remain friends. Fuzzy at first says he doesn’t know. But he later sees a picture that Bubbles drew of her and him holding hands, and he smiles.

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