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Developer Halberd Studios and publisher Freedom Games recently announced that their radiant pixel art Metroidvania 9 Years of Shadows will be releasing on PC on November 14 with a launch on Nintendo Switch in Q1 2023! This game looks great! You’ll play as the operatic warrior Europa and her spectral teddy bear companion Apino as you try to restore color to the world. Music is a key part of the game with each Boss’ attack patterns tuned to the rhythm of their music track and the songs have all be composed and recorded at 432hz, “the scientifically proven frequency to promote feelings of healing and positivity.” Oh, and the soundtrack comes from Castlevania’s Michiru Yamane and Metal Gear Solid’s Norihiko Hibino. Those are some composers that know a thing or two about music!

Color has been stripped from a once-prosperous land due to a calamitous curse leaving the world in shades of only black and white. Young operatic warrior Europa takes up her massive halberd and sets out to restore the chromatic essence of life. Enter the Talos Castle, ground zero for this ghastly disaster, to take on gruesome enemies and more than 20 rhythmic bosses across 11 biomes alongside a magical specter in the form of Europa’s childhood teddy bear, Apino.

Talking about making the game, Miguel Hasson of Halberd Studios said:

When you make a colorful splash into the Metroidvania genre, you have to make sure it’s near perfect, especially since it’s one of our absolute favorites. The team has worked very hard to create not only something that’s beautiful with a compelling story, but also utilizing its prevalent themes of musicality in every aspect of the game’s design. Make sure to bring your dancing shoes and warm up those vocal chords for November!

9 Years of Shadows will be available on PC via Epic Games and Steam on November 14 with an MSRP of $20. Are you excited? This game looks and sounds absolutely incredible!

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