Trailer Park Boys Interview: Julian, Ricky, & Bubbles Preview Donair Turkey Day Feast

ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke to Ricky, Bubbles, and Julain — better known as the stars of Trailer Park Boys ahead of The Great Canadian ‘Donair Turkey Day’ Feast. There will be a marathon of the show, as well as new segments featuring the stars, through Shout Factory and on October 10.

“Take three Trailer Park Boys, add one dysfunctional TV network, stir in a bunch of illicit activity and a healthy dose of profanity. Whaddya get? A combo platter of comedy entertainment that will spawn shipping containers of laughter,” reads the synopsis for SwearNet. “Welcome to Trailer Park Boys: The SwearNet Show.”

Tyler Treese: You have the big great Canadian Donair Turkey Day feast coming up. So Bubbles, what can we expect from this stream?

Bubbles: Well, it’s gonna start in the morning. I think we’re gonna get up early. Get stretched out and get ready to go. And then we’re gonna be here sitting right at this table, drinking our faces off, making a Donair Turkey, playing episodes of the show, and just spending the day with the folks at home. We want them to drink along with us. Maybe even make a Donair Turkey, if they feel so inclined.

Ricky: We’ll show them how to make it, how to make a bunch of side dishes and Julian’s in charge of dessert.

Bubbles: That’s right.

Julian, I get most of my knowledge on like Canadian customs through your great show. So I was curious what Canadians think of the Turducken, which is kind of a controversial Turkey dish. You got the chicken inside of a duck, inside of a Turkey. Is that just too much?

Julian: That’s too much, man. See, duck is greasy. I’m not into greasy meat like that. I know Randy loves it, but I can’t get into duck. I’d much rather a Donair Turkey.

Ricky, you once threw a turkey at a cop car. Is that some sort of Canadian Thanksgiving tradition, or what was up with that?

Ricky: It should be.

Bubbles: No!

Ricky: I was just pissed off. Didn’t realize the turkey was still frozen in the middle, so it kind of … it did break the police officer’s windshield, which sort of sucked for me.

Bubbles: Well, you got charged with something. Firing turkeys or something.

Ricky: Yep. So yeah, I don’t recommend it. It might ruin your Thanksgiving, but it was — I mean it was fun. It just … yeah. Kind of ruined the Thanksgiving

Bubbles, we’ve all seen you wrestle as the Green Bastard, so I was curious: who are your favorite pro wrestlers?

Bubbles: Well, I mean, I was always a Hulk Hogan guy, and Andre the Giant, and Randy Macho Man Savage, I was a big fan of. Those were, I mean, those were all old school.

Ricky: What about the Edge?

Julian: Edge, he’s a good dude, man.

Ricky: He’s cool.

Bubbles: Yeah, I was getting to the Edge. I was starting back in the day and moving up to the Edge. I like the edge. I’d like to see Julian become a bit more involved in the professional wrestling scene.

Oh, that’d be interesting.

Julian: I don know if that’s gonna happen, Bubs.

Bubbles: Well, I just would like to see you out there. I picture you more of like The Ultimate Warrior type, you know? Maybe with the guns tied off and your face painted up.

Julian: I don’t know if I’m gonna paint my face, Bubs.

Ricky: Maybe like the Underfaker.

Julian: It’s the Undertaker.

Julian, since we have such a dedicated movie fanbase at ComingSoon, I was curious what your favorite Patrick Swayze movie is?

Julian: Oh, here we go.

Bubbles: Yeah. Which is it, Julian? Is it Ghost?

Julian: No, it’s not Ghost. I’ve never really watched many. I’ve watched Roadhouse, which was an alright movie. I like that one, man.

Ricky: What was the trucker one? You liked that one a lot.

Julian: What trucker one?

Bubbles: The Patrick Swayze trucker movie that you watched about 6,000 times.

Julian: I’ve never once watched that movie. I have no idea what you’re talking about. There’s Ghost and there’s Roadhouse. There’s two. That’s the only two I know.

Bubbles: Yeah, okay.

Ricky: What about the dancing movie?

Julian: What dancing one? I don’t know about that one.

Bubbles: You don’t know about Dirty Dancing?

Julian: I’ve heard about it, but we don’t need to get into it.

Ricky, you guys have lasted so long and you have such a great fanbase. Would you ever want to take a trip down to Philadelphia to meet the Always Sunny gang?

Ricky: Yeah, that’d be cool. We’ve been to Philly. It’s pretty awesome there, actually.

Julian: Good to see the Rocky statue as well. That was cool.

Ricky: But I’d like to meet those dicks. That’d be fun.

Bubbles: Yes. Love to meet those guys. Danny DeVito. I’d love to meet Danny DeVito

Bubbles, you’ve developed a friendship with Axl Rose of all people. What’s been the highlight of living the rockstar lifestyle?

Bubbles: Oh, probably … I mean, Axl took me over to Australia and Japan, you know? So flying around over there, going to all the shows and getting up and playing with him and stuff. It was pretty unbelievable, really. Not many people get to do that.

Julian: And not long ago, we were trying to see them in Daytona, but there was that tornado following.

Bubbles: Yes. We were just in Florida, like this summer, going to see Guns N’ Roses. I was talking to Axl and said, “We’re on our way.” He had it all set up and then we drove right into a fuckin’ Tornado, couldn’t make it.

Ricky: Yeah, that sucked.

Julian: A tornado is not a good thing.

Julian, you guys have been doing the SwearNet podcast for a bit. What’s been most rewarding about having that audience and being able to reach people in a different way?

Julian: Actually, the best thing for me is we get free liquor for doing it, so, I mean, that’s a bonus. That’s a huge expense.

Bubbles: Yeah, but I don’t get free liquor!

Julian: Well, you’ve gotta figure out the contract, man. You gotta get involved with it.

Bubbles: I get cat food, but why shouldn’t I get —

Julian: You get cat food? That’s a huge amount of money, man. So yeah, it’s good that people are watching us all over the world and stuff. That’s pretty cool, I guess.

Ricky: I hate it.

Julian: I mean, we do get free liquor everywhere we go. Every country and every bar. So, hey, I’ll work for booze.

Ricky: Yeah, I get a lot of free smokes. That is pretty cool, I guess.

Ricky, you guys have had so many great guests pop up in Sunnyvale. Snoop Dog, Sebastian Bach. Do you have any dream guests that you would love to see show up?

Ricky: Oh man. Yeah, they were all pretty good. That’s a tough one. I’d like to meet Bob Marley. That would be cool

Julian: He’s dead.

Bubbles: He’s dead. Rick,

Julian: Maybe his son, Ziggy, would be cool, though.

Ricky: Yeah.

Julian: What About Rambo? Sylvester Stallone showed up as Johnny Rambo. That’d be fuckin’ awesome.

Ricky: Well, I guess Julian would like to meet him.

Bubbles: Rambo.

Julian: Rambo.

Ricky: He probably wants to meet, Arnold, Clint. All your little crushes.

Julian: Yeah, Arnold would be awesome. We got to meet Lou Ferrigno the other day, a couple weeks ago. That was pretty cool.

Bubbles: Yes, That was cool.

Bubbles, where has Conky been?

Ricky: Oh, man.

Julian: Jesus …

Bubbles: Oh, he’s … he’s around if I need him.

Julian: He is not around.

Bubbles: He’s been … he’s around —

Julian: He’s not coming back.

Bubbles: Well, he might. Keep it up and he might. He shows up when these guys start acting like arseholes, that’s when Conky shows up.

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