Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu joins the PERIOD movement to eradicate Period Poverty! – Beauty Pageants – Indiatimes

On Period action day, Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu joins forces with PERIOD, a global, youth-powered non-profit, fighting to end period poverty and stigma through service, education, and advocacy. Recently the diva attended the Global Citizen Festival and officially announced her upcoming project, ‘Period for Change,’ a fight against Period Poverty across the globe.

Taking a first step towards the great cause, Harnaaz participates in Period Action Day (PAD), which is set aside to grow the menstrual movement and take action to end period poverty in our lifetime. While every girl lives with the stigma of opening up about her monthly concerns about the period, the world at large fails to notice or accept period poverty. Period poverty is the limited or inadequate access to menstrual products or menstrual health education due to financial constraints or negative socio-cultural stigmas associated with menstruation.

On this Period action day, the organization takes charge against poverty through the lens of PERIOD’s three pillars: Service, Education and Advocacy.

Service: Serve your local communities by establishing relationships with service partners, hosting menstrual product drives, ordering a product from PERIOD National, and more!

Education: Educate your peers and the broader community by hosting Period Talk workshops, educational panels, live events, Q&A sessions, and more!

Advocacy: Make a change in your community by reaching out to state representatives, working with your school administration to get products in your school, and more!

Harnaaz is extremely proud to associate with the organization and looks forward to making a difference across nations.

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