Uber Charges Rs 32 Lakh To British Man For A 15-Minute Ride: Report

Oliver Kaplan, 22, recently used the ride-share application to request a car after work.

A British man was left stunned when he checked his bank account and found that Uber had intended to charge him almost $39,317 nearly 32 lakh Rupees for just a 15-minute ride, according to a report from New York Post.

Oliver Kaplan, 22, recently used the ride-share application to request a car after working at the Buxton Inn in Manchester, England. The chef by profession intended to meet his friends at Witchwood, a four-mile-away bar, the outlet further reported.

Mr Kaplan told the South West News Service about his terrifying bill, “I ordered an Uber like I do most nights on the way home from work and everything seemed normal.”

He also claimed and gratefully accepted that the app’s pricing was between $11 and $12 which is between 900-1000 Rupees.

“The driver arrived, I got in the Uber and he took me exactly where I was meant to be going. It was a 15-minute journey – tops,” Mr Kaplan added. He forgot about the incident until the next morning when he received a message from Uber.

“When I woke up hungover the next morning, the last thing I expected was a charge of over £35,000 ($39,317),” he further said.

The total amount charged to Kaplan’s card was £35,427 or $39,317, reported NY Post.

Mr Kaplan immediately called Uber’s customer support department via the app to inquire about the excessive bill. “It said the amount couldn’t be taken because I had insufficient funds,” he alleged, adding that Uber personnel were first puzzled by the number.

Engineers at the firm eventually found that the drop-off destination had been altered to Australia. It’s unknown what prompted the mix-up, but it’s suspected that a malfunction led the location to alter from Witchwood, the bar in Manchester, to Witchwood, a park in Victoria, Australia, the Post further said.

Because Mr Kaplan did not have the $39,317 in his bank account, Uber was unable to withdraw the payments.

“If I had that sort of money, I would have had to chase them for a refund,” he explained. “It could have landed me in all sorts of financial trouble. Thankfully they (Uber) were really good about it, and made it right straight away – but it was a stressful half an hour, to say the least,” Mr Kaplan further said.

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