Sideshow Unboxes Hot Toys’ Echo Figure From STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH — GeekTyrant

Sideshow has shared an unboxing video of Hot Toys’ collectible Echo. Featured in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Echo has all the cybernetic enhancements from the Techno Union before he was reduced by Clone Force 99.

This ⅙ scale figure comes with a weathered helmet, cybernetic details, articulated robotic legs, weathered armor painted with the Bad Batch markings and special signet, and a tailored fabric undersuit. Echo also comes with a variety of arm attachments including a grasper arm, a jackhammer arm, and a computer interface arm as well as other accessories such as a blaster pistol and a military backpack.

Overall I think the figure looks great, I especially like the weathering detailing on the armor. You can still pre order yours from Sideshow for $285 with it expected to ship October 2022. 

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