Where to Watch The Northman

For brutal action with humanity and history behind it, watch The Northman and be astounded — and reminded of the most classic dramas throughout literature and history: “I will avenge you, Father… I will save you, Mother… I will kill you, Fjolnir.” The mantra repeats through gritted teeth from a muscle-bound Norseman in one of the most visually stunning and immersive Viking films to date, The Northman.

Written and directed by Robert Eggers — director of The Witch and The Lighthouse — this brutal story of family honor and revenge is a more direct retelling of the ancient Nordic myth that inspired Shakespeare’s Hamlet. When you learn where to watch The Northman, you’re back in a primitive world where near animal-like brutality meets keen cunning and a lust for vengeance.


Family honor, hardship, and stark humanity at its most primitive level, combined with brilliant cinematography and a masterful blend of gritty realism and the supernatural bring an ancient world back to vivid life on your own television screen. You can watch it now on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch The Northman on Amazon Prime Video

Norse Mythology Takes Center Stage

Characters from the 2022 revenge film The Northman.

Stockholm-born, ex-Swedish military service member, Alexander Skarsgard, of Zoolander and Generation Kill fame, gets his Viking on in his role as Amleth, a pagan warrior prince who’s sold into slavery after the brutal slaying of his father. Amleth dedicates the remainder of his life to avenging his father’s death and liberating his captured mother. (And, of course, this requires him to remain in top-notch physical shape and to keep his washboard abs on display throughout the film, somehow remaining attractive even when streaked with blood, brains, and mud.) Nicole Kidman stars as Amleth’s captured mother, Queen Gudrun, whom Amleth believes endures great hardship in her role as a captive forced to marry the murderous Fjolnir, to whom she bore a son, Gunnar. A young seer named Olga of the Birch Forest — played by Anya Taylor-Joy — reinforces Amleth’s belief that his life’s path is one of vengeance, and vows to use her powerful sorcery to aid him in his mission.

Things are not always as they seem, and Amleth soon learns that his childhood impressions may not tell the full story of the events that shaped his life and may also shape his death and path to Valhalla as well.

Where to Watch The Northman

The northman broke historical screenwriting rule olga amleth fight

The Northman earned critical acclaim for its stunning cinematography, meticulously detailed interior sets, and enchanting musical score as well as for cast performances, including Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgard, and Ethan Hawke as Viking King Aurvandill. Described by critics as a grisly epic that’s also unmissable for fans of Viking lore, the film blends violence, gore, and bloodlust with spectacular scenery, supernatural lore, and dysfunctional family drama on Viking steroids.

You can watch The Northman right now with your Amazon Prime Video account and enjoy a trip back in time to the Norse world where warriors earn their way into paradise through sweat, blood, and brutality.

Watch The Northman on Amazon Prime Video

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