This Week’s Toy News Will Not Go Back to the Shadow

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular round up of all things wonderful and plastic. This week, Lego returns to Lord of the Rings with some unlikely new sets, Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection goes ninja-mad, and our first look at Transformers: Rise of the Beasts toys rolls in. Check it out! Image: Lego Lego … Read more

How to Watch Orion’s Climactic Return to Earth

Orion gazes back at the Moon, on December 7, 2022.Photo: NASA All good things come to an end, including NASA’s wildly successful Artemis 1 mission to the Moon and back. At least, it’s been successful so far, as Orion must still perform a harrowing reentry through Earth’s atmosphere. You can follow the action live right … Read more

FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried Once Said Blockchain Would’ve Fixed Enron

Screenshot: YouTube Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of hedge fund Alameda Research and crypto platform FTX, was a frequent guest on both mainstream financial news and more niche crypto podcasts. And while digging through his media appearances over the years, Gizmodo has stumbled upon a very weird analogy from SBF, as he was often known, where … Read more

Mario Heads to the Mushroom Kingdom In the First Super Mario Bros. Movie Clip

Screenshot: Illumination At tonight’s Game Awards, Keegan Michael-Key (the voice of Toad in the Mario movie) introduced the world to the first extended clip from The Super Mario Bros. Movie, giving us a taste of Illumination’s take on the lands of the Mushroom Kingdom. The Super Mario Bros. Movie | “Mushroom Kingdom” | Official Movie … Read more

UN Adopts Resolution Against Anti-Satellite Tests to Prevent More Space Debris

Chief of Space Operations at U.S. Space Force General John Raymond testified before a hearing in July on Russia’s use of an anti-satellite weapon. Photo: Shawn Thew (AP) Yesterday, an overwhelming majority of countries voted in favor of a United Nations resolution against tests of anti-satellite (ASAT) missile systems, with Russia and China voting against … Read more

Amazon,, and 70k Other Sites Send Your Data to Elon’s Twitter

Illustration: jtstockimage (Shutterstock) In October, Elon Musk purchased Twitter for a cool $44 billion dollars. Among a variety of other assets and headaches, the deal came with one resource that’s gone under-explored: a vast data collection network spanning the sites of more than 70,000 Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, non-profits, universities, and more. Given Twitter’s … Read more

Apple Officially Cancels Its Plans to Scan iCloud Photos for Child Abuse Material

Photo: Anton_Ivanov (Shutterstock) Apple has officially killed one of its most controversial proposals ever: a plan to scan iCloud images for signs of child sexual abuse material (or, CSAM). Yes, last summer, Apple announced that it would be rolling out on-device scanning—a new feature in iOS that used advanced tech to quietly sift through individual … Read more

Hannah Waddingham’s Willow Cameo: How the Ted Lasso Star Signed On

This is what we imagine the cast of Willow might look like reading this article. Image: Lucasfilm When you’re dealing with franchises as popular as the ones Lucasfilm makes, it’s not all that surprising to see hugely famous people pop up in small roles. Everyone wants to work on Star Wars or Indiana Jones so … Read more

Avatar 5 Plot Includes Some Earth Scenes, Says Producer

Neytiri’s mindset is important to Avatar’s story as it continues.Image: Disney If James Cameron is lucky enough to make a fifth Avatar film, not all of it will take place on Pandora. At a recent press day for Avatar: The Way of Water, io9 asked Cameron’s producer Jon Landau if the Earthlings who were defeated and … Read more

Andor’s B2EMO Was Designed to Stomp All Over Your Heart

Image: Lucasfilm/Disney+ Andor may have just wrapped its first season on Disney+, but the Star Wars series is still very much on the minds of viewers who couldn’t get enough of its exciting plot and its memorable characters. One of the most endearing was droid B2EMO, faithful companion to Cassian Andor’s mother, Maarva. In a … Read more